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Parthena Island

Parthena(Virgin) Island"🤩😍😎 because on the island there is a unique small church dedicated to Virgin Mary.  The island is a jewel of natural beauty and combined with the picturesque tiny church they create a unique cycladic  landscape. The small church celebrates 40 days after Easter which for the orthodox church is the celebration of the Resumption of the Christ. This celebration is a special day  for Naxos Island which the locals call "Plitheris". Traditionally, it is the celebration of the shepherds. On the past it was the day they were cutting the sheep' s fur and they were throwing them in the sea. Furthermore during that day at the farms the shepherds did not produce cheese but only the local sour milk and they were offering it to the their visitors. The meaning of all this was to pray for a good fortune during the summer that was just beginning and to multiply their goods. "Plitheris" comes from a Greek word that means plural.

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